Saint Clement School Academics

Active participation in the core curriculum is the means of carrying out the heart of the Saint Clement Mission. For full details of academic expectations, please see the Student Handbook.

Grade System

All subjects are evaluated by letter grade. The grading equivalents are:

A+ = 97-100 A = 94-96 A-= 90-93
B+ = 87-89 B = 84-86 B- = 80-83
C+ = 77-79 C = 74-76 C- = 70-73
D+ = 67-69 D = 64-66 D- = 60-63
E = 55-59 F = below 55

(Below 60 is failing) G.P.A. and class rank are weighted, cumulative and include all course work. Saint Clement is on a 5.0 G.P.A. scale.


Grade Point Average and Class Rank

The G.P.A. is grade weighted, calculated each semester and when final grades are given for the year. Class rank is determined by the student’s G.P.A. in their grade level for each semester and with final grades for the year.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the following courses:

Theology 4 years
English 4 years (includes college prep, honors and/or AP English 12)
Mathematics 4 years (minimum for college prep) from the following courses:
Algebra I & II, Algebra II w/ Trig. Honors, Geometry, Geometry Honors,
Integrated Algebra/Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus (AB), Statistics or College Prep Math
Sciences 3 years (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Forensics or AP Biology)
Foreign Language 2 consecutive years in the same language (minimum for college prep and/or graduation)
Social Studies 2.5 years (including World History and U.S. History)
Physical Education 1 Year
Electives 6 credits completed in four years

Course Levels

CP – College Prep Hon – Honors* AP – Advanced Placement**


* For the 2015-2016 school year the honors classes are:

English Math Science Language
Freshman English Algebra Biology Spanish II
Sophomore English Geometry Chemistry Spanish III
Junior English Algebra II w/Trig Spanish IV
Senior English


**For the 2015-2016 school year the following AP courses are offered:

English 12 AP English LIterature and Composition**
AP Calculus (Calculus AB)**

AP Biology**

For full explanation of grading policies and graduation requirements, see Student Handbook.