Financial aid applications from the Catholic Schools Foundation become available from the Main Office in early spring. These forms must be completed in full and returned along with the required documentation to the Main Office by the stated deadline.

Because financial aid is limited and the demand is great, the school must be able to substantiate all requests for aid that are received. Therefore, failure to complete the form and to provide the required documentation will negate the request for assistance.

Parents/guardians are required to apply for financial aid on an annual basis. Financial aid does not carry over from one year to the next because a family’s financial status may change and improve during the year. It is also possible that the financial status may decline resulting in a possible increase of the amount of aid that will be granted.

Each year the high school sponsors fundraisers that are partially used to fund additional in-house financial aid. These fundraisers are the only means for assisting families who do not qualify for aid from an outside agency. Support of these drives is vital if Saint Clement is to continue to be able to offer assistance to these families and students.