Saint Clement School Guidance Department can be reached at  (781)396-0400.

The primary goal of the counseling program is to help students succeed inside and outside the classroom by helping students make educated decisions and choices for themselves. The guidance counselor works with students on a one-to-one basis or in groups and as needed she works with parents and teachers for the benefit of the student. The counselor meets individually with students to discuss current academic progress and other concerns, and to discuss post high school options including college, military service and work. She provides assistance to students with college and financial aid applications, transcripts, and recommendations needed for college. The counselor also plans the annual testing day for students. Things to consider for senior students looking for a college/university:

  • Type of school (2-year vs. 4-year) (Private vs. Public) (Liberal Arts vs. Technical)
  • Academic requirements
  • Majors
  • Location
  • Campus life (Is resident housing available? Do most students live on campus? Is housing guaranteed all 4 years?)
  • Size of school (size of individual classes)
  • Tuition
  • Sports
  • Are SAT II subject tests required?
  • Are there options for studying abroad?
  • Are internship and co-op opportunities available?
  • Who teaches the classes (professors or teaching assistants)?
  • Will you have an academic counselor?
  • How easy will it be to meet with professors?
  • Will you be close to educational opportunities off campus?
  • How many clubs and organizations are available to students?
  • How safe is the campus (you have the right to ask for statistics)?

Students should review any questions they may have with the Guidance Counselor

Useful College Search/Information Websites

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information