Who is PAC?

A committee that is formed by both faculty members and parents.

Where and when we meet:

Pre-K and K: We meet in the Elementary School Cafeteria once or twice a month depending on what events we are planning.

Grades 6- 12: Meetings are held at the High School in the Cafeteria and are open to all parents. Meetings are held approximately every other month more frequently during fundraising.

What is discussed and why should I attend?:

We discuss holiday events and parties as well as different fundraisers for the school, including the annual Sports Banquet and Thanksgiving football game festivities. All parents and student guardians are encouraged to join and share their ideas with faculty and each other. PAC meetings offer a chance for families new to SC to connect with current parents and discover more ways to get involved in the school. SC faculty and staff also attend meetings so it is an excellent forum to address any parental questions or concerns. 

We share one common goal, which is to plan as many fun activities throughout the year that the students as well as their families can enjoy!  We value all opinions and invite all SC families to join PAC.

For more information about PAC and how you can get involved, please email Ryan Murphy at RMurphy@saintclementschool.org.