Ms. Ceddia, Guidance
St. Clement School

What is a Peer Tutor?

A peer tutor is a student leader who assists and tutors a student (their peer) in an academic subject. The tutor has proven to be proficient in a subject matter and has elected to provide “extra-help” to another student.

The tutoring sessions are flexible; it is up to the tutor and the student to work out their particular needs. There are no formal guidelines for tutoring and no specific time constraints. Work together and formulate the best plan of action. Peer tutoring is about sharing, leadership, community, commitment and learning.

Why is Peer Tutoring important?

Peer tutors provide individual academic support to a fellow peer student. The tutors work with the students to practice and support classroom learning. Sometimes that one on one attention and additional work outside of the classroom is often all it takes for a student to succeed.

The Campus Ministry Program at Saint Clement School is dedicated to bringing to life the school motto: “Non Sibi Sed Omnibus,” which means “Not for Oneself, but for All.” Campus Ministry strives to put into practice the values and principles that are the foundation of the Catholic faith. Campus Ministry coordinates volunteer opportunities for individual students and the larger school and parish communities. Students attend retreats as well as monthly Masses and prayer services throughout the school year. Through these activities, students are encouraged to grow in their relationships with God and with others.

Students have participated in community service projects to benefit organizations and causes such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Oxfam America, Project Bread, and Hurricane Katrina relief. They have also participated in parish wide fundraising events such as the annual bazaar and holiday canned food drives. As emphasized in their religion classes, the work that students do for the benefit of their communities makes them true disciples of Christ.

The opportunity to help another student achieve academic success is certainly a rewarding and enriching experience for a peer tutor. Knowing that you made a difference in another student’s education goes a long way. As a tutor, you have a skill and ability. Using that skill and ability to help others is commendable and you should feel proud of yourselves for making a difference.